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Nathanael Greene

Born: Rhode Island

Age in 1775: 32

Profession: Businessman, forge owner

Principal Contribution: Major General, Quartermaster General, commander who bested British General Cornwallis in the South, 1781.

Personal characteristics: Lame, asthmatic, analytical, brilliant strategist.

Quote: 1781 “We fight get beat rise and fight again.”

Later life: Struggled against debt, suffered a stroke.

Died: 1786

General_John_StarkJohn Stark

Born: Londonderry, New Hampshire

Age in 1775: 46

Profession: Farmer, lumber mill owner

Principal Contribution to the Revolution: Led troops at Bunker Hill, Trenton. Commanded at the important victory in the Battle of Bennington, 1777.

Personal characteristics: Flinty veteran of the French & Indian War.

Quote: “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.”

Later life: Farmer.

Died: 1822

Anthony_Wayne wikiAnthony Wayne

Born: Chester County, Pennsylvania

Age in 1775: 30

Profession: Tanner, farmer, surveyor

Principal Contribution to the Revolution: The Patton of the Revolution, aggressive commander at Monmouth Courthouse, Stony Point and other battles.

Personal characteristics: He could “fight as well as brag.” “Mad Anthony.”

Quote: “I have an insuperable bias in favor of an elegant uniform and a soldierly appearance.”

Later life: Farmer, led a military expedition and defeated an Indian force in Ohio in 1794.

Died: 1796

Daniel Morgan 703x858
Daniel Morgan

Born: New Jersey, settled in Winchester, Va.

Age in 1775: 40

Profession: Farmer

Principal Contribution to the Revolution: Leader of a rifle corps in the invasion of Canada and the Battle of Saratoga; commander at the important victory at Cowpens.

Personal characteristics: A large frontiersman. “The Old Wagoner.”

Quote: 1781 “They give us the British haloo, boys. Give them the Indian whoop.”

Later life: Farmer, one term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Died: 1802

Henry_Knox_by_Peale wiki

Henry Knox

Born: Boston

Age in 1775: 24

Profession: Bookseller

Principal Contribution to the Revolution: Commander of patriot artillery, advisor to the commander in chief.

Personal characteristics: Highly intelligent, obese.

Quote: 1776 “As the army now stands, it is only a receptacle for ragamuffins.”

Later life: Secretary of War 1785-95

Died: 1806

Valley Forge Winter

“Poor food – hard lodging – Cold Weather – fatigue – Nasty Cloaths – nasty Cookery – Vomit half my time – smoak’d out my senses – the Devil’s in’t – I can’t Endure it – Why are we sent here to starve and Freeze.”

-The Valley Forge winter described by Doctor Albigence Waldo of the Continental Army, 1777.

Sunshine Patriots

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.  –Thomas Paine