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Jack Kelly is a journalist and historian. He is the author of five novels. Critics praised Kelly’s wide-ranging history, Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards & Pyrotechnics (buy) as  “evocative, brilliantly succinct and excruciatingly powerful.” He is a regular contributor to American Heritage Magazine and other national periodicals and has appeared on The History Channel. A New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in nonfiction literature, Kelly lives in the Hudson Valley, near many of the important sites of Revolution.


  1. Dear Mr. Kelly,
    Your vivid portrayal of the Revolutionary War in “Band of Giants” was so engrossing that I have read and obtained five others who felt the same. Your book is riveting and leaves the reader both astounded and engrossed through the last chapter. As an author of a recently published novel, “The French Lieutenant And The King Of Rome” about the occupation of France by Germany in WWII I can fully appreciate your magnificent writing style. My book is available through, in the event you should wish to look at what I have portrayed by going to that site. With great respect and admiration, I am, sincerely yours.
    Jay Macey Rosenblum

  2. Dear Mr. Kelly,

    I have just finished reading your ” Band of Giants” and through your portrayal of the lives of these individuals, the raw humanity, the uncertainty of success, the fear of battle and their short lived adulation after victory to only have to rise up and meet the next challenge still exhausted and hungry has brought new life to this part of history for me. The few Rev War letters and articles that I own have new meaning to me and I am encouraged to take them out again and read through them with new eyes because of your book. I live near Boston, MA and I will walk through my old historical haunts with a greater appreciation of the sacrifice paid by these very human, in many ways ordinary individuals, thrown into a very extraordinary time.
    Thank you Mr. Kelly, for taking me to that place , not so long ago, that went from Lexington and Concord to Yorktown.


    Bill Grant

  3. Dear Mr Kelly,
    Well done! Your book, “Band of Giants,” is an accurate and evocative account of a critical episode of American history.
    You noted that General Washington spent a critical episode, the third week of November, ’76, in Fort Lee. He and his generals made several important ferry trips across the Hudson River to Fort Washington. My ancestors, the Bourdette family operated that ferry. I have completed exhaustive research on that week, as well as a YA novel about those doings. I’d be happy to send a copy to you if you are interested.
    But again, I thoroughly enjoyed your book.
    Thom Schwarz

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